Furnishing the Futures of Families in Need


... when homeless families move from shelters to permanent housing their belongings are often contained in only two trash bags?

... some families, months after being placed in permanent housing, don't even have one bed to sleep on?

... many families, a year after being placed, are still without a chair to sit on, a table to eat at, or a couch to cuddle up on together?

... families who have been homeless often arrive at their permanent housing grateful to have a place to call their own, but with little or no preparation and few, if any resources to set up their new home.

Our Beliefs

At Furnishing Hope, we believe that the physical environment of a family's home can have a profound impact on that family's daily life. We believe it can significantly affect that family's sense of dignity, their emotional investment in their home, and ultimately can affect housing stability.

We also believe that helping parents create a "home" for their children will allow those parents to better care for their children and for themselves. We also believe that having a comfortable "home" can have a positive impact on a child's sense of comfort, safety and ultimately upon their development.

Our Partners

At Furnishing Hope, we know we are only a small piece of the puzzle. As such we partner with agencies that are already serving homeless or newly housed families. Those agencies provide ongoing supportive services such as education, job training and assistance, mental health counseling, as well as other services to families we serve.

How We Work

Furnishing Hope provides families access to new and gently used furniture and home goods, help with moving that furniture and guidance in what is necessary to set up a "home" that meets the basic needs of that family.


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